The Story of Uncertain Depths

In this tale of war, the lives of strangers twist and bend together like vines.

The Man Who Woke Up

In a single moment, he loses everything. Yet, his loss may just be a second chance at life.

Fox & Bear

A clever fox may just be the cure for the doleful bear. Together they find hope and extinguish the fires of the past that threaten to destroy their future.

Remote Control

In a future of inauthenticity, a man finds himself playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Is he the prey or the predator?


They have defied death, but at what cost? The future of the planet hinges on whether they can hold on to their humanity.

Blood Hunters

A team of Forgotten Races travel the far reaches of space to get the only thing they have left: vengeance.

The Kids and the Witch

Children race against time to save their family and ultimately their world from evil. 

The Woman With The Dying Brain

When what starts as an annoying migraine turns into something more frightening a woman discovers the world is much bigger than herself.

James Starlight, The Last Hope

He's just a kid who prefers chocolate over baseball, and games over girls. And he's the last hope of the universe.

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